You’re a person!

Jeremiah 1:5 before I formed you in the womb I
knew you and before you were born I
consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to
the nations. “You are a person regardless of
what you have or you lack but you shouldn’t
feel any less about your being, you just have to
develop yourself ( don’t you know that God
created you in his own image , in the image of
God he created him; male and female he
created them, he created YOU!, Genesis 1:27)
and be someone who you would like to be,
think of this, you didn’t choose to be born or
to be born in an average family and that
something you cannot change but that doesn’t
determine your future, you can be whoever
you want to be regardless of your background,
haven’t I said it as it is written in the book of
Jeremiah 29:11 that God alone is the one who
know and has plans for your life?”.
Something’s don’t have to be changed, you
just have to live with them.


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